Depending on the activities you plan, how many people will be at your event, or the park you plan to hold you winter get-together in, you may need a permit – or two! Activities on community open spaces and parkland require several weeks’ notice. Permits for larger events can take 6-8 weeks to process, so start planning early!

Size of Group

You will need a permit if your group has 50 or more people.


You might need permission or a permit for the following activities. Your NRC or F&E Liaison can help you with applications.

  • Cooking of food for distribution or sale
  • Delivery vehicles on parkland
  • Fires
  • Fireworks
  • Sleigh rides
  • Tents and other temporary structures (e.g. stages, archways, bouncy castles) larger than 10 m or higher than 3.7 m (12’), especially if they will be in place for longer than 24 hours

Note: Bylaw 2202 prohibits alcohol consumption and limits the sale of food, drink or merchandise on parkland. However, special requests can be made through your NRC or F&E Liaison for both activities.

Alberta Health Services Food Handling Permit

If you’re hosting an event that’s open to the public, you will probably need a Food Handling Permit. Talk to your NRC or F&E Liaison, or contact Alberta Health Services at 811. They will need four to six weeks to process your application.

  • Type of Location

  • Private land
  • Community hall or rink
  • School yard
  • Street, back alley, cul-de-sac
  • Parkland in river valley
  • Parkland outside river valley
  • Public square/plaza
  • Whom to Contact

  • Not needed
  • Community league or NRC
  • NRC
  • NRC or F&E Liaison
  • F&E Liaison
  • NRC
  • F&E Liaison

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for events on city property. Check with your community league or NRC about this. If your event is a sponsored community league event, the league’s insurance may cover you. If not, you may wish to check with your home insurance. Temporary insurance may also be available – check with your community league or NRC.

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