The climate is changing…

We remember the old days. When it was fashionable to grumble about the cold. When we started the winter season by wondering aloud how soon it would end.

Edmonton isn’t like that anymore.

Edmontonians are carrying their passion for their city year round. We are bundling up in not only toques and mittens but excitement and adventure. We are embracing the long nights, the winds, the snows and the cold as new companions instead of old enemies.


In a remarkably short time, the WinterCity Initiative has helped Edmontonians recognize a simple truth: You can’t change winter, but you can change how you feel about it. We’ve been showing them how to love it. And Edmontonians are falling head over heels.

The winds of winter, which used to stir up only the snow, now stir the potential in us to take control of our WinterCity. The long nights, which used to bring only darkness, now bring the will to light up the city. The snow, which used to be nothing more than a cold, wet inconvenience, is now a resource to be sculpted into art, patio furniture, toys, games and more.


Instead of living in six months of denial, we are opening our eyes to the possibilities of a city that thrives year round. Our lives, our stories, our economy and our infrastructure are becoming richer, now that we are seeing winter as our friend instead of our foe.

Winter is inescapable, but the emotional climate of our city is warming in the coldest months. We are strong. We are hardy. We are adventuresome.

We are Edmontonians. We live in a WinterCity. And we love it.


WinterCity Edmonton is a City of Edmonton initiative.

In 2012, the City enlisted a diverse group of volunteers to help create the WinterCity Strategy, “For The Love of Winter.” This new direction has drawn Edmontonians together to make winter more vibrant and exciting, and to fully embrace our winter spirit.

Working in the four areas of Winter Life, Winter Design, Winter Economy and Our Winter Story, this award-winning initiative has inspired a change in the way Edmontonians see our climate, our city and ourselves.

For more information, visit the WinterCity Initiative on the City of Edmonton website.