Creative Lighting Pilot Project

Have you noticed the architectural details on Edmonton’s heritage buildings? Neither have we – they get lost in the dark. But we’re working to change that!

We’re partnering with building owners to install creative lighting on some heritage buildings. These new lights will highlight the buildings’ features and make our nightscape more interesting and inviting. We’ll keep you posted and share photos of the buildings when the lights are up.

Creative Lighting Champions

We’ve already got some Creative Lighting Champions in Edmonton! Look for creative, whimsical and coloured lights on buildings, streets and bridges near you. Share what you see with us @WinterCityYeg

  • City Hall – Did you know that the pyramid colours change?
  • ATB building downtown – Not only does ATB change the lights for different events, they’ve done video projection on the building, too! In May 2016, they worked with Apple Pay to project a video of Alberta and share the story of how it all happened.
  • High Level Bridge – Did you buy one of the 60,000 bulbs on the bridge? Do you know what today’s colours are celebrating?
  • Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – The lights help this Edmonton icon shine even on the darkest nights.
  • Muttart Conservatory – The pyramids get lit inside and out to celebrate events all year.
  • 124 Street Business Improvement Area – The new light standards and strung lights across 124 Street make this a cozy place to go for a nighttime stroll.
  • Alberta Legislature – This building practically glows from all the lights. It’s a lovely place for an evening walk any time of year.

Lighting Your Home

Lights on your home aren’t just for the holidays! Take down the Santas and reindeer at the end of December, but leave your lights on until March. You’ll help to illuminate your neighbourhood during the darkest nights of the year and make your community more vibrant and welcoming.

And while you’ve got your lights up, enter your yard in the Winterscapes contest!

Important Tips

Keep Your Light to Yourself

Edmonton has a Light-Efficient Community Policy that strives to, among other things, minimize light pollution. When installing lights around your home, make sure you ‘keep your light to yourself’. Angle your lights down, and pay particular attention to keeping them away from your neighbours’ windows. Other than that, be creative!

Laser Light Projectors

Laser light projectors are the hottest new trend in house decorating. They look cool and are easy to put up. But watch where you point them! Keep them pointed away from your neighbours’ windows and away from the skies – they can blind pilots flying overhead.