While winter can be fun, it can be a cold and dangerous time for our more vulnerable residents. Here are some ways you can help others keep warm and safe this winter.


#bundleupyeg is a volunteer-run, annual winter clothing drive for homeless shelters and homeless support organizations in Edmonton, Alberta. This campaign is run on volunteer time and volunteer funds. All clothing donations that are collected are physically walked into shelters’ doors by the #bundleupyeg team. Check their website for campaign dates.

Winter Emergency Response

Edmonton has a co-ordinated Winter Emergency Response plan to serve and support our most vulnerable people in winter. This plan includes strategies for winter shelters, extended drop-in hours, food, clothing and referrals to services. Edmonton’s Homeward Trust website explains how the City and local service providers, agencies, and community organizations all work together. You’ll also find resources like the Winter Emergency Response Guide 2018-19, information on how you can get involved, and also how to get in touch to find out more.