Thinking about pulling your neighbours out of hibernation?

Want to get to know them better and celebrate your cool community?

Host a block party or play street!

Block Parties help neighbours get to know each other and build connections.

Play Streets bring neighbours together to celebrate and play.

The City of Edmonton supports Block Parties and Play Streets with planning, operational and permitting support.

Block Parties

Block Parties come in all shapes and sizes. Decide how many people you’d like to invite, then start planning. There are three types of Block Parties:

  • Block Socials: 10-30 neighbours living in the same area coming together on someone’s property (e.g., driveway, living room, garage, yard, condo building). Does not involve closing a road. No City permit is required.
  • Single-Street Block Party: 25-75 neighbours from the same street, cul-de-sac or building floor. Involves closing a road. City permit is required.
  • Neighbourhood-Wide Block Party: 50-200 neighbours from the same neighbourhood or building coming together on their street. Involves closing a road. City permit is required.

Play Streets

Reclaim your childhood without having to yell, “CAR!” Close the road and gather with your neighbours for a game of street hockey, milk jug curling or snow painting. 


Find all the details on the City’s Block Parties and Play Streets web page. Applications must be submitted at least 14 days before your gathering date in order to process your temporary road closure permit. 

Frosty Fun Ideas

For frosty fun activities and more, check out the Be Active, Be Social and Be Creative Toolkits.