Play Streets bring neighbours together by closing local streets to vehicles and opening them for play.

Check out the new City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Play Street How-to Guide for organizing your own play street event!

The City supports Play Streets through planning, operational and permitting support.

Benefits of a Neighbourhood Play Street

  • Promote social interaction between neighbours of all ages
  • Encourage the use of closed neighbourhood streets for safe, active play
  • Provide additional public spaces in areas where parks or private yards are limited
  • Encourage activities suited to road spaces such as  bike riding, street hockey, chalk art, and scootering
  • Promote diverse use of quiet roadways
  • Increase sense of belonging to the community
  • Encourage neighbours to look after each other and the neighbourhood
  • Embolden children to play outside
  • Promote safety and help prevent crime by knowing your neighbours and recognizing faces
  • Have fun!