Welcome to your Winter City

We are Edmontonians. We live in a Winter City, and we love it!

Remember the old days? When it was fashionable to grumble about the cold? When we started the winter season by wondering aloud how soon it would end? Well, Edmonton isn’t like that anymore.

Edmontonians are carrying their passion for their city year-round. We are bundling up in not only toques and mittens but excitement and adventure. We are embracing the long nights, the winds, the snows and the cold as new companions instead of old enemies.

Love Your Winter Wonderland

Local photographer Mandy Kostiuk shares her views of winter in words and pictures.
Jan 7, 2020

A Winter Medicine Walk

Find out about some of the medicinal plants that can be found throughout our winter ...
Nov 13, 2019

atima atchakosuk: The Dog Stars

Learn about a Cree story that explains the origins of some of the stars in ...
Nov 13, 2019

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