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Episode Three: Light

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility What light through yonder window breaks…?” If it’s not the sun, then it’s likely artificial light. Considering the number of ways we can manipulate light – including colour, shape, intensity, reflection and more – are we using it to the greatest advantage to make our winter spaces more pleasing, … Continued

Episode Two: Romance

Sorry Spring, Winter is the Season of Love Winter romance does not have to be limited to Valentine’s Day. The hush in the air, the mystery of the nights, and the need to cuddle up for warmth are just some of the reasons that winter can be the most romantic season of the year. In … Continued

River Valley Trail Treks

Not sure which trails to walk in the river valley? River Valley Alliance is here to help! Get out and #trekthetrails! Check out the River Valley Alliance Trail Trek How-To blogs for tips on walking Edmonton’s river valley trails. They’ve got short and long routes for both beginners and those seeking more of a challenge. … Continued

Episode One: Wind

Winds of Change – Or How We Can Change the Wind In this episode, Sue and Isla talk with Gwyn Richards, the Assistant Director and Head of Design in the City of London and Sebastian Desand of Ingrid Cloud software about wind. Wind can have significant impact on life in our cities, but how we … Continued

Season Teaser

Spoiler alert: Winter is here and our new podcast is right behind it! You can’t change the weather, but you can change how you feel about it. People and cities around the world are coming around to seeing winter as an opportunity, not a burden. Join us as we talk to thought leaders, city builders … Continued

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